Facing Divorce, Need to Sell My House Fast

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Published: 04th October 2012
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The total percent that marriages end up in divorce is actually close to 40% and is closer to what the stream median claims as 50%. A total of 37% of marriages ends up in divorce in the year 2004 and it increased to 1% in 2005.

All states in the US are going through a low marriage rate whilst an increase rate in divorce. The state that has been reported having these marriage and divorce rate is Florida.

Florida reported a 5.1 divorce rate in 2000 and increased with a rate of 5.2 in 2001. Marriage rates in Florida decreases from year 1990-1995. The reported marriage rate in Florida during 1990 was 10.9 and it decreases with a rate of 9.9 in year 1995.

So if you’re facing divorce you will know that regardless of what state you live in, you will not be alone in this kind of situation. And a lot of decisions to decide and all of them are not easy during the divorce period. These include family, property, and financial decisions.

Apparently, the most considered biggest asset and financial decision that the two of you will have to decide is what to with the house. Almost all people in the US claim that their house or properties are their biggest asset and investment.

Generally, you have 2 ways to resolve your divorce and house problem. One way will be to keep the home in either one of you. The 2nd way will be to sell your house fast.

If both of you choose the first option and that is to keep your house with either the two of you, it will need you to refinance your home and the two of you will divide the equity. Practically, this is not the best solution since instead of the two combined payment, there will now be only one to pay the total mortgage payment. The new mortgage payment of your house will increase after refinancing.

Sell your house fast will be the other best option you will have. You only got 3 choices in how to sell your house but only 1 out of the given 3 can solve your situation fast.

If I’m thinking of FSBO I will surely not be able to sell my house fast. With this option, I will have to cooperate with my soon to be ex-partner and we’ll end up do the process together. And while on the process, I will also have to keep on paying the mortgage, utility bills, etc., and I have to deal with the home buyer prospects.

The other choice is to have my house listed to a real estate agent. I also have to collaborate with my spouse with this option. And still, I also have to continue paying my house bills until my house will be officially sold. I need to have my house fix if there’s a need for fixing in order to have it in good condition for my potential buyers to like my house. The other disadvantage of having it listed will be the big amount that I have to pay to the agent after my house sold to the buyer.

The last and the best choice is to sell my house fast to a local home buyer. These local home buyers can buy a lot of houses every month mostly from people who were facing divorce. You will no longer have to collaborate with your spouse during the process and they understand well the situation you are at.

Going through divorce is a very hard situation one can face. You must sell your house to a local home buyer if you’re facing divorce and want to sell your house fast. They do understand the situation you are currently facing and they will carry out the selling process fast. You will then go on with your life after you sell your house fast.

So if you’re currently facing divorce and thinking of how to sell my house fast, then all you have to do is contact your local real estate investor.

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